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Erin & MeLissa are

—two beautiful girls and their parents love them very much. They are LA-based writers and comedians by way of Nashville, TN.

They do musical comedy in front of their friends and family and strangers whenever possible. One of them plays the guitar and the other one plays the trombone.

Their work has taken them all over the country and they’ve shared the stage with heroes like Amy Poehler, Eddie Pepitone and Chelsea Peretti. While they consider their home to be the UCB Theater in LA, they have been fortunate to perform on stages all over the US with an extra fun tour through the Southeast and multiple festivals and stops in the Bay area/Sonoma Valley.

You might have seen them on TV on Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Ruins Everything and Liza On Demand. You might have also heard one of their podcasts, Oh, Dear God and Group Text with Erin & MeLissa. Bottom line- what can’t they do?

The short film “The Drive Home” released online Spring 2018. 


This is Erin.

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This is MeLissa.

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